A complete ragbag of snippets of the "not a lot of people know that" sort. Do please send your piece of Glos Rugby trivia in to us, complete with a note of where you came across it, and we'll add it to this section.

A Handy Rule
One way to beat Pontypool
Ah, Oh, Ugh - Gloucester
Extract from a 1973 Coventry match programme
Arthur Hudson Reminisces
Fiddling on the pitch
Conflicting Interests
Extract from Gloucester v. Ebbw Vale match programme, 7 Dec 1983
Cost of Rugby in 1888
Those were the days
Emergency Recruitment
11 Apr 1967
Experimental Line-up against Gloucester in 1884
Extract from Gloucester v. Cardiff match programme, 21 Sep 1983
Fortress Kingsholm
An enviable Home record
Free Beer to cease?
20 May 1969
French Ref and Glawster Accents
Extract from Gloucester v. Glamorgan Wanderers match programme, 2 Nov 1983
French Ref at Kingsholm
Extract from Gloucester v. Newport match programme, 20 Oct 1979
From Outer Space
Peter Ford in the days when no substitutes were allowed
Full was 10,800 in 1997
Kingsholm Capacity
Kingsholm catering in 1900
Maurice Volney's agreement
Let's not overstay our welcome.
Catching an early train home
Max Boyce stunned
Extract from Gloucester v. Clifton programme, 29 Oct 1980, following a recent win by Gloucester over Pontypool - apparently the first at Pontypool by an English team for over 2 years.
Medical Facts, 1989/90
Extract taken from the GRFC Players' Brochure
Melancholy Gloucester Folk?
Report from 1893
"None of this soccer nonsense..."
Thoughts regarding the use of substitutes
Nothing really changes.....
Comment on the game in 1925
Patter of Tiny Feet
13 Dec 1966
Season Tickets
So how many of your old ones are at the back of a drawer?
Show me the line!
Gloucester at Llanelly 1886
Surely not the round ball at Kingsholm?
Extract from Gloucester v. Bristol match programme, 22 Sep 1984
Tatty Kit
Concerns in 1932
That's dedication for you !
1892 second team match at Kingsholm
Time for a Change
The Kingsholm Clock
Wanted - wife with tickets
Extract from Gloucester v Newbridge match programme, 17 Oct 1979