A complete ragbag of snippets of the "not a lot of people know that" sort. Do please send your piece of Glos Rugby trivia in to us, complete with a note of where you came across it, and we'll add it to this section.

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"None of this soccer nonsense..."
Thoughts regarding the use of substitutes
Page link: A Handy Rule
A Handy Rule
One way to beat Pontypool
Page link: Ah, Oh, Ugh - Gloucester
Ah, Oh, Ugh - Gloucester
Extract from a 1973 Coventry match programme
Page link: Arthur Hudson Reminisces
Arthur Hudson Reminisces
Fiddling on the pitch
Page link: Conflicting Interests
Conflicting Interests
Extract from Gloucester v. Ebbw Vale match programme, 7 Dec 1983
Page link: Cost of Rugby in 1888
Cost of Rugby in 1888
Those were the days
Page link: Emergency Recruitment
Emergency Recruitment
11 Apr 1967
Page link: Experimental Line-up against Gloucester in 1884
Experimental Line-up against Gloucester in 1884
Extract from Gloucester v. Cardiff match programme, 21 Sep 1983
Page link: Fortress Kingsholm
Fortress Kingsholm
An enviable Home record
Page link: Free Beer to cease?
Free Beer to cease?
20 May 1969
Page link: French Ref and Glawster Accents
French Ref and Glawster Accents
Extract from Gloucester v. Glamorgan Wanderers match programme, 2 Nov 1983
Page link: French Ref at Kingsholm
French Ref at Kingsholm
Extract from Gloucester v. Newport match programme, 20 Oct 1979
Page link: From Outer Space
From Outer Space
Peter Ford in the days when no substitutes were allowed
Page link: Full was 10,800 in 1997
Full was 10,800 in 1997
Kingsholm Capacity
Page link: Kingsholm catering in 1900
Kingsholm catering in 1900
Maurice Volney's agreement
Page link: Let's not overstay our welcome.
Let's not overstay our welcome.
Catching an early train home
Page link: Max Boyce stunned
Max Boyce stunned
Extract from Gloucester v. Clifton programme, 29 Oct 1980, following a recent win by Gloucester over Pontypool - apparently the first at Pontypool by an English team for over 2 years.
Page link: Medical Facts, 1989/90
Medical Facts, 1989/90
Extract taken from the GRFC Players' Brochure
Page link: Melancholy Gloucester Folk?
Melancholy Gloucester Folk?
Report from 1893
Page link: Mystery Pic 2
Mystery Pic 2
Who, where, when, why?
Page link: Nothing really changes.....
Nothing really changes.....
Comment on the game in 1925
Page link: Patter of Tiny Feet
Patter of Tiny Feet
13 Dec 1966
Page link: Season Tickets
Season Tickets
So how many of your old ones are at the back of a drawer?
Page link: Show me the line!
Show me the line!
Gloucester at Llanelly 1886
Page link: Surely not the round ball at Kingsholm?
Surely not the round ball at Kingsholm?
Extract from Gloucester v. Bristol match programme, 22 Sep 1984
Page link: Tatty Kit
Tatty Kit
Concerns in 1932
Page link: That's dedication for you !
That's dedication for you !
1892 second team match at Kingsholm
Page link: Time for a Change
Time for a Change
The Kingsholm Clock
Page link: Wanted - wife with tickets
Wanted - wife with tickets
Extract from Gloucester v Newbridge match programme, 17 Oct 1979