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By Dick Williams
On 22/10/2017

Would love to know if I can find some game stats or games played for Terry Base  Late 1950's. 


By Julian Base
On 22/10/2017

My Dad John Dix should automatically have been added to this page when it was set up.  I'll send a private email to discuss this further. Kind regards.

By Kerrie O'Reilly
On 19/10/2017

I played with TONY OSMAN for a very short time back in the early 1960's. We were both wingers in the amateur days, and I think that Tony played for a number of years on the wing with Gloucester and would be a good addition to your history.

By D G Davies
On 15/01/2017

I'd like to see a Nick Price profile. I was a shed regular in the early to late 1980s and he frequently played although I don't think he was often 1st choice right wing. 2 good memories - against Leicester in Feb/Mar (not sure what year) Glos won 28-0 with 7 unconverted tries (just 4 pointers then). NP got 3 of them. Also, returning from a cup win at West Hartlepool on the special train, NP came back with the fans while the club stayed overnight - presumable NP had  some commitment, but different times I guess.

By Tony Dyer
On 30/08/2016

Would like to see a profile on Nick Price. He played during the eighties. I've spent many evenings at the 19th hole listening to his rugby stories after golf.


By Lee Fontaine
On 22/08/2016

I would love to see my dad on here, he played for Gloucester for many years starting in the 1980's until the 90's. His name is Richard Pascall, he was a prop (number 3), he was devoted to his rugby career and made it to play for the England B team too. I have some amazing pictures of him and his Gloucester days, if you like I can send them through. 

Many Thanks, 

By Lucy Pascall
On 12/07/2016

My father-in-law Ken Taylor was hooker in the fifties and has remained loyal to the club all his life. He is now 86 and terminally ill in Cheltenham hospital ... it would be lovely to have his contribution to the club acknowledged here.

By kim taylor
On 08/02/2016

i would like to see my dad on here - his name is Derrick East, he was hooker with Alan Brinn and Mike Burton. He also was capped for the county over John Pullin, also Rob "Dino" Phillips is my cousin who played prop for Gloucester, and I think he actually got on the bench for Wales.

Thanks ..Jeff East CANADA

On 21/03/2015

I would like to nominate Alan "Tubby" Brooks, a very well respected prop forward from the late 70's early 80's, another of the fine breed of Foresters who moved from Lydney  to Kingsholm, along with the likes of Paul Howell, Brian Vine, Sarge, John Cooke and Colin Price. 

By paul willetts
On 03/01/2015

My dad played number 3 in the 80's and 90's and was succeeded by Andy Deacon.  His name was Robert Phillips.  Also known as Deano, Bob or Bill. Played at the same time as Mike Teague. Date of birth is 22/01/1959. Thank you.

By Faye
On 02/01/2015

A note for Debbie & Kane re Tommy Coulson. My father Ernie Hall now 96, recalls Tommy living at his house in Coventry and getting picked to play for England.

By Steve Hall
On 21/08/2014

Debbie & Kane - there seems to be a problem with your e-mail addresses. If both of you could e-mail me at I'll try to put you in contact with each other.

By Dick Williams
On 30/04/2014

I note Kane Copsey is trying to obtain information relating to Tommy Coulson who played for Gloucester, Coventry and England.  He was my great uncle and if Kane would like to contact me I can let him have some info on Tommy.

By Debbie Miller
On 23/04/2014

Thanks for your Comment on Tom Coulson, and we'll see what we can dig out about him. In the meatime, if you type Coulson into the search box at the top of the page you'll get back a list of all the mentions that are made of him on our website. has quite a lot about his moving from Gloucester to Coventry, for example.

By Dick Williams
On 07/02/2014

Please can you tell me anything about my great grandad Thomas J Coulson. He played for Gloucester in the 1920s. I see from one of your posts a Steve Hall's Grandad Ernie Hall knew him. I would be most grateful if there is a way to get in contact as my family are trying to put together a family tree and have come into difficulties tracing his place of birth. I hope you can help me with this as it would mean a great deal to me and my family, many thanks, Kane Copsey

By Kane Copsey
On 07/02/2014

My dad, Trevor Jones 1929 - 2013. (Full back/Place kicker) Came up from Berry Hill, played many games for the United and made the firsts during the 1954/55 season. Played away at Newport and I have the programme which has been signed by all the Gloucester team plus one from Newport, the great Ken Jones. Also played and captained Gloucestershire Police and the British Police teams.

By Dave Jones
On 10/01/2014

William James Mathews.(Born Woodchester in 1878 died 1960) My grandfather it is believed played for Gloucester late 1880 early 1900. My Nephew has his caps. He was also a great sportsman played cricket for the county as did his brother George. William also won many trophies in athletics. An all round sportsman from Gloucestershire.

By James F. Stoodley
On 29/03/2013

Can you please profile Richard Nichols who played for Gloucester 1972/74 before his move to Bath?

By john williams
On 21/01/2013

My father John Varney played for Gloucester in 1953/4 1954/5. He sadly passed away last week (20th Sept 2012) aged 77. He was capped for England as a schoolboy and left Gloucester for National Service in Malta. I have a letter from Gloucester Rugby club dated 10th Dec 1955 in which T Burns the General Secretary describes him as 'a most versatile forward being equally at home in the front row as prop or in the middle row'... 'an enthusiastic Rugger player, keen in training and consequently always fit.' he will always be remembered for passionately supporting Gloucester and England live or on the box!

By Kelvin Varney
On 23/09/2012

Watch this space...won't be too's on its way...

Dick Williams


By Dick Williams
On 25/07/2012

Gordon Sargent, prop for Gloucester, got an England cap, and coached for spell too.

By S Smith
On 25/07/2012

I understand my Father in Law Norman Talbot played Rugby for various local teams before playing for Gloucester around 1946/47 (did he have an England trial?) He broke his collar bone playing Boxing day 1947 before getting married the same day! He went on to teach games at Linden for many years now in his 80's he still lives in the City

By Nigel Phillips
On 15/06/2012

I remember left wing Roy Blair's hip flick from 'touch' rugby at lunchtime outside the Moreton Valence Experimental Fight Hangar when I was his Apprentice at Gloster Aircraft c1958. If son Rob tells him I've got fifteen thousand hours and been retired since 97 he may like to get in touch !

By Alan Heywood
On 25/04/2012

We've been following up the suggestion that we do a Player Profile on Peter Hawker, and have dug out the basic stats on his career. However, we don't have enough detail to turn this into a Profile. Would John and Richard be prepared to put one together for us please? You can either follow the instructions on how to produce a page for this website or simply e-mail your piece to us and we'll do the uploading.

Dick Williams

By Dick Williams
On 22/03/2012

Gordon Sargent, who captained the side and was capped during his time with Gloucester, must deserve a mention

By Colin Henderson
On 22/03/2012

Just to concur with Richard (posted Jan last year), it would be good to see a piece on Peter Hawker. My memory (brief as it was) was of a skillful player and leader but mostly for how he looked after/guided/protected three very young (16 year old) County players - Andy Mead, Keith Balham and myself (all from Cirencester). Guidance and advice particularly how to react to the "Shed critics"! He made a real impression.

By John Thompson
On 11/03/2012

Interested to see Derrick Morgan's profile and I know Nick played many times with him and together scored many tries. Would like to know how the partnership performed in relation to other prolific try scoring combinations.

By Chris Price
On 04/11/2011

Here's what our tame statistician has to say: "Ken was indeed Dennis's brother. He played 37 times for Gloucester between 1955 and 1959. He played in the centre and sometimes at fly-half. He also took occasional place kicks. I can remember seeing him play." And he has dug out Ken's playing record for Gloucester:

1955/56 5 games

1956/57 11 games, 1 try, 2 penalties, 2 drop goals, 15 points total.

1957/58 15 games, 1 try, 3 drop goals, 12 points total.

1958/59 6 games, 1 try, 2 conversions, 7 points total.

Totals 37 games, 3 tries, 2 conversions, 2 penalties, 5 drop goals 34 points.

By Dick Williams
On 20/10/2011

I have already seen the information on my great-uncle Denis "Ibbey" Ibbotson, which was very interesting. My granddad has told me that he played for Gloucester many times, but I hadn't realised Ken had played briefly for Gloucester too. I knew he played for an RAF base in Dorset mostly, but I spotted him in a team photo as well. If you have any information about Ken Ibbotson, I would be very interested to find out more about him. Thank you!

By Jamie Roles
On 20/10/2011

My suggestions are all club men; Tofty, a wonderful tactician, superb handling and full of skill; Ludo, wand of a left foot and so much more; Ollie, talismanic hooker who never took a backward step. A few more who are not done quite yet... Bucko, colossus at 6 & cup winning captain Hazey; the perfect 7 Sinbad, it's been said but I'll say it again... Genius!

By Richard Tudor
On 05/10/2011

Hi Rebecca - here's what we've found on his playing career with Gloucester: William Murray, a back row forward, played four games for Gloucester in the 1948-49 season. He made his debut against Oxford University at Iffley Road on 23 November 1948. Oxford won 11-6. He played against Stroud at Kingsholm on 11 December, when Gloucester won 6-0. His third appearance was against United Services Portsmouth at Kingsholm on 5 February 1949, when Gloucester lost 6-8. His final game was against the RAF at Kingsholm on 12 March, when the RAF won 5-3. (See his name on the programme for this last match - under "Matches/Programmes/Gloucester".)

By Dick Williams
On 05/09/2011

I think my grandad Dr William (or Bill) Murray may have played 2nd row/m8 for Gloucester around 1948. Where can I find out more information about this? I have looked before but unsuccessfully. Any help would be great. Rebecca

By Rebecca Ballance
On 04/09/2011

John Herbert. My Dad was a prop at Gloucester (as my sister Sarah has already posted) and can be seen in the 1956 & 1957 team pictures. A good friend of Russ Hillier's, brother in law of Brian Hudson, he played with a number of the players mentioned on your site. Very good site for rugby/Gloucester followers.

By John Herbert (Canada)
On 07/06/2011

What about Nigel Scrivens, who played 100s of games in the 2nd row with the likes of John Fidler and Teague etc. Now helps with Cirencester Rugby and runs a local Pub too!

By Ray Relph
On 17/05/2011

My Dad John Henry "Oxie Battleaxe" Herbert played rugby for Gloucester/Gloucestershire with his brother-in-law and friend Brian "Baggy" Hudson. I never saw him play as he gave up to work on our farm and look after the family. If anyone has pictures or any information about his playing career I would LOVE to see or hear from you. We were all brought up with rugby and especially Gloucester rugby in our blood.

By Sarah Garner (Nee Herbert)
On 27/04/2011

I would like to see a player page about two players who have blessed GRFC. Firstly Don Caskie, one of the greatest players I have seen play the game, the control he had at centre was astonishing and is somewhat lacking in today's game. Delighted to see him coaching Georgia now; if he can transfer a small part of his skillset to their backs, they could upset a few of the bigger teams. Secondly Django should be mentioned, the most talented player I have ever seen, who could do things most backs could only dream of and he was a back rower!

By Mark Beddis
On 29/03/2011

Please can you tell me anything about my father's playing days with Gloucester in the 1920s. His name is Sidney Crowther. All of the family originated from Gloucester and my father was so proud of his time with the rugby club. He had three caps with silver tassels and medals. Can you, or anyone else, tell me what they were for? I live in France and would be so pleased for any details of the time my father spent with the club and the positions he played. You have a wonderful site and I thank you on his behalf. In 2010 Ken Hemming requested any info on his father Jack Hemmings. I have a photograph of the 1926/7 team which includes his father. If he would like details please contact me by e-mail.

By Jean Chandler (nee Crowther)
On 23/02/2011

Wayne Birchley, ex Gloucester and Tredworth, who has sadly passed away.

By Alison
On 09/02/2011

I would be very grateful if you could profile my father Peter Hawker. He played for Gloucester in the 1950s and 60s and captained the United side from 1961-63 towards the end of his career. He was then on selection for a further 20 years and also on the rugby club committee. I used to love hearing the stories he used to tell me and all the great players he played with and against. My father passed away from cancer in 2008 aged 75, so to see his profile on the website would be a fitting tribute to a very special man.

By richard hawker
On 14/01/2011

I believe my father Leonard Joshua born 1931 played for the Spartans in the early 50's. It would be wonderful if anyone could give me any information on my dad's Rugby life. Many thanks, Margaret

By Margaret Jarvis-Knight
On 25/12/2010

My father talks of meeting Tommy Coulson who played for Gloucester around 1907, moved to play for Coventry, won England honours with Coventry and later moved back to Gloucester. He does not appear in the 'Internationals' listing, but maybe because he was not at Gloucester at the time of playing for England. My grandad, Ernie Hall, lent him his best overcoat to go to Twickenham in to play his first international.

By Steve Hall
On 14/12/2010

Please include my husband, Bob Redwood, who played for Gloucester at fly half in the early 70s. He then went on to coach Gloucester in the mid 80s. Sadly he died in 2004.

By Sue Redwood
On 13/12/2010

Marcus or Charlie?

By Dick Williams
On 12/12/2010


On 12/12/2010

Danny Evans played scrum half (No 6) to Willie Jones (No 7), starting circa 1946/47. He was instrumental in the transition of Sir Thomas Rich's School from soccer to rugby, imported to the school as Sports Master for that purpose in 1946. I played only one season of school rugby, leaving at the end of the 46/47 school year. It would be interesting to know how long his playing career with Gloucester and his association with "The Tommies" lasted.

By Mike Cooke
On 17/10/2010

I'd like to see Keith Richardson profiled – one of the few to both captain and coach Gloucester. And Jack Fowke, a hard-as-nails prop, should be there too.

By Alan Pearey
On 02/10/2010

I'm researching my family heritage on my mothers side 'Dix'. I now know from a Rugby book I found in Glos Archives that there were 6 Dix's that played for Gloucester and I would like to know more about them. I know John, Stuart and Clive played in the 1970's and "Father" William Dix played 1907-1922, the others are new names to me. The article about "Father" William Dix when he retired in 1922 was fascinating. Can you help to enlighten me about the 6 Dix's rugby careers with photographs if possible, this will add flesh to the family tree. I feel proud of my link to a rugby heritage and I want my children to be aware of this as well. Thank you

By Joanne Dutton
On 26/08/2010

I have already benefited from the great efforts the people of this project are putting into archiving the information fairly recently discovered. I can't thank them enough. One thing I did find very useful was 'The Lions Den' at Kingsholm, behind the Shed. On the walls are plaques of all the teams since the year dot and also a large amount of photos of the squads. It is a very easy job to find someone, pin down some exact years they played and even get a picture of them in a team photo. It also has a bar in the Lions Den and for some reason I find it necessary to do some more 'research' every time I go to a game!

By Ian Dunbar
On 13/08/2010

I met a gentleman in France called Harry Morgan who used to live in England and has lived in France for approx 20 years. He is about 53 years of age and I think he would have played for Gloucester around or during the late 70s or 80s. (His name is Harry but everyone calls him Chris.) He came from Herefordshire. Can you let me know if there is any information on him. I would like to take some info for when I see him next. Thanks, Ken Charles

By ken charles
On 11/08/2010

Thanks for contacting us, Rob. We're doing our best to keep up with all the suggestions that are sent in, but the research takes us a long time. Bear with us! In the meantime, have you seen the programme for 30 Apr 1955 which features your dad?

By Dick Williams
On 19/07/2010

Please profile my dad, Roy Blair, who played in the 50's/60's. He is now in his late seventies and is still as fit as a fiddle. In fact he still holds his pilot's licence and flies regularly and still works part time. He puts these kids of today to shame!!!!!!

By Rob Blair
On 19/07/2010

Thanks for getting in touch, Verity - take a look at the programme we've uploaded for 8 Dec 1982, Gloucester v. Loughborough College, which records his honourable retirement from the game.

By Dick Williams
On 15/07/2010

My dad, Jerry Herniman, played for Gloucester from 1970 until 1982, when he was forced to retire due to a head injury. He was a member of the first ever cup winning squad of 1972 and also a member of the cup winning squad of 1978. He captained the United for 4 seasons and was resposible for weaning the likes of John Gadd, Malcolm Preedy, Mike Teague, John Brain, Ian Smith and Paul Ford into senior rugby. It would be great to see his profile please.

By Verity Herniman
On 15/07/2010

Brian Hudson, my father, best known as Baggy, was a Gloucester and  Gloucestershire player, and an England trialist. He played under Peter Ford in the early 60s, a tough second row with pace and ex-Marling school, he also played with his brother-in-law John Herbert at Glos. A player's profile would be greatly appreciated.

On 09/04/2010

Surely Richard Mogg should get a profile?

By Anon
On 07/04/2010

Nice to hear the names of people like Richard Jardine and Ron Etheridge. Richard of course made a great centre partnership with fearless Mr Bayliss. And I could not possibly say that Ron Etheridge was a better full back than the great Peter Butler, could I!!!!

By brian "turkey" matthews
On 20/02/2010

Can you please profile my husband Ron Etheridge who played for Gloucester between Nov 1969 and Summer of 1980. His last game was on the tour of Canada in 1980 when Fred Reed was captain. He played 190 games for the 1st XV.

By Marilyn Etheridge
On 07/02/2010

We'd love to see our father Chris Williams added to your 'player profiles' section. He played during the 1970s and with his 60th birthday approaching towards the end of the year we are hoping to give him some memories. He lost all of his memorabilia during a fire many years ago, so if anyone has any photos/paper clippings/etc it would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me on, many thanks.

By Robert Williams & Alice Williams
On 30/01/2010

Hi - I'd love to see my uncle John Haines who had a great few years at Kingsholm in the 70s and who went on to succesfully manage the Colts, helping along the likes of James Simpson-Daniel. It's not always the star players that need a mention, after all it's a team game.

By mark tyndall
On 30/01/2010

Tim Smith should be on here - I play rugby with him every week and he has still got the flair of his days at Gloucester.

By kiernan
On 30/01/2010

My father's name was John Hemming (they called him Jack Hemmings so it may be under that). He played between 1925 - 1934, in the second row. I would be very grateful if you could find any other information for me to read.

By Ken Hemming
On 30/01/2010

My Uncle Tony Davis played second row/number 8 for Gloucester late 60s before moving to London with his job and playing for Wasps for many years. He sadly passed away 2 years ago but was still a regular at Kingsholm with Mike Nicholls and Eric Stephens. (Sometimes his surname was mispelt Davies.)

By Mark Davis
On 13/01/2010

As someone who was (for my sins) a regular at Kingsholm between 1990 and 2003 (less so these days due to the distance I live from Gloucester and other commitments), a few names come to mind which I'll be happy to write myself when I can find the time: Chris Catling, Pete Glanville, Richard Tombs, Junior Paramore, Dave Sims (not to mention Scott Benton, Mark Mapletoft, Robert Todd, Paul Ashmead, etc., etc.).

By Brian Carpenter
On 09/01/2010

Dennis Ibbotson, educated Central School, originally intended to be a hooker. He 'graduated' to the open side, becoming very popular with the 'faithful' for his fearless horizontal flying tackles. Many out-halves found his attentions somewhat painful. 1950's. Worked as a welder and tinsmith. Brother Ken also played for a spell.

By Harold Francis
On 03/01/2010

I would like to see a profile of Mike Potter - the most underrated No8 (outside of Glos) in the 70s. He epitomised the local player: he was hard, but also had great ball skills. He gave his all every game and a Glos player of the era told me the team when playing away especially in Wales mid-week always felt better when Potter was on the coach. To me he will always be a hall of fame player.

By Kenneth Douel
On 19/12/2009

Like Simon Hole, my dad Charlie Wheatman played for a few seasons in the mid 60's and was understudy to Don Rutherford. I have a host of programmes and articles from his career before he joined Cheltenham RFC. You will find him stewarding every Saturday, and as the seasons go past "the better he was . . .!!"

By Anonymous
On 14/12/2009

I would like to see Gary White who played "wing forward" in the 60s. I think he was permanently off-side! Also Nick Foice and Jim Jarrett from the same period. (I remember Richard Jardine - he was Old Bill wasn't he?)

By Ron Fox
On 09/12/2009

My father's name is Richard Jardine, he played over 300 games for Gloucester between 1969 to 1981 and I would like to read any info you can find out about his career, many thanks Nick Jardine.

By Nick Jardine
On 07/12/2009

My name is Philip Amphlett and my cousin's name was Lewis Morgan. He played for Gloucester back in the 50s but his grandfather can be seen on the photograph heading this section. They both played at outside half and had the same name.

By Philip Amphlett.
On 02/12/2009

My Dad played for Gloucester. He is 71 now, born 30.5.38, name Patrick Hole. Just wanted to read some information about him - the years he played were 1964/5, and the captain was a man called Ford.

(Simon - we'll check this out for you.)

By Simon Hole
On 01/12/2009