The Late Rev Canon Mervyn Hughes

Part 1 - local Gloucester players in the team; influx of workers to local industry.

Part 2 - on post war rugby; comments on 1997 Glos team.

Part 3 - Springboks at Kingsholm; rough play and discipline.

Part 5 - tea ladies; leafing through reports from 1896 era.

Part 6 - Tommy Bagwell's role, after his playing days; changes in the modern era; injuries and treatment.

Gloucester open side wing forward, GRFC Chairman for 22 years and President for a further 16 years

An interview with the late Canon Mervyn Hughes, conducted by Andy White in 1997.

(Although we've done some digital restoration on this 13 year old recording, some glitches remain and sound quality is poor in places.)


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