Primary History

Lesson 5.1 Creating your own GRFC timeline - Guidelines
Lesson 5.1a William Webb Ellis information
Lesson 5.1b Creating your own GRFC timeline

Lesson 5.2  Why do GRFC play in the colours they do? - Guidelines
Lesson 5.2a The story of the GRFC team colours
Lesson 5.2b The GRFC kit story

Lesson 5.3 GRFC In Memoriam cards - Guidelines
Lesson 5.3a GRFC - A Brief History
Lesson 5.3b GRFC In Memoriam cards - PowerPoint presentation
Lesson 5.3c GRFC In Memoriam cards

Lesson 5.4 Comparing past and present GRFC programme covers - Guidelines
Lesson 5.4a GRFC Programmes from the past - PowerPoint presentation
Lesson 5.4c Design a past & present GRFC programme cover

Lesson 5.5 Compare and contrast fixture cards through time - Guidelines
Lesson 5.5a Fixture Cards through time - PowerPoint presentation
Lesson 5.5b Designing a GRFC fixture card for the new season

Lesson 5.6 Designing a GRFC mosaic - Guidelines
Lesson 5.6a The Romans in Gloucester
Lesson 5.6b Designing a Roman Mosaic
Lesson 5.6c Designing a GRFC Mosaic - PowerPoint presentation

Lesson 5.7 GRFC and rugby history research - Guidelines
Lesson 5.7a William Webb Ellis Information
Lesson 5.7b GRFC - A Brief History
Lesson 5.7c Research Topic Sheet
Lesson 5.7 Example 1 Gloucester Rugby Programmes
Lesson 5.7 Example 2 Gloucester Rugby Shirts
Lesson 5.7 Example 3 Gloucester Rugby Stadiums
Lesson 5.7 Example 4 John Player Cup
Lesson 5.7 Example 5 Rugby Balls
Lesson 5.7 Example 6 Touch Judge Flags
Lesson 5.7 Example 7 Zurich Premiership Trophy

GRFC Team Photos through time - Powerpoint presentation

Lesson 5.8  Creating own Teek cartoons - Guidelines
Lesson 5.8a Teek cartoons - examples
Lesson 5.8b Creating own Teek cartoons

Lesson 5.9 The uses of Kingsholm - Guidelines
Lesson 5.9a Kingsholm conferencing
Lesson 5.9b Uses of Kingsholm

Lesson 5.10 Who wants to be a GRFC history expert quiz - Guidelines
Lesson 5.10a Who Wants to be a GRFC History Expert quiz - PowerPoint presentation

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