Secondary Maths

These resources are all Key Stage 3.

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Lesson 3.1 Dimensions of rugby grounds - Lesson Plan
Lesson 3.1a Kingsholm rugby ground

Lesson 3.2 How different scores in rugby can be made - Lesson Plan
Lesson 3.2a Rugby scores activity sheet

Lesson 3.3 Rugby puzzles - Lesson Plan
Lesson 3.3a Sudoku 1
Lesson 3.3b Sudoku 2
Lesson 3.3c Sudoku 3
Lesson 3.3d Sudoku numbers

Lesson 3.4 Ticket prices at Kingsholm - Lesson Plan
Lesson 3.4a Ticket prices at Kingsholm

Lesson 3.5 How many possible ways are there to dress a rugby player - Lesson Plan
Lesson 3.5a Kit selection
Lesson 3.5b Kit cut-out

Lesson 3.6 Rugby pass angles - Lesson Plan
Lesson 3.6a Working out the angle of the pass

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