"None of this soccer nonsense..."

Thoughts regarding the use of substitutes

By John Cowen

Extract taken from match programme Glos v St. Luke's College, 13 November 1974:

"Under the new law regarding replacements both sides this evening will have players standing - or, rather, sitting by, to take the place of any colleagues who may be genuinely injured. It should be emphasised that the extension of this law applies only to county championship matches and the Rugby Union knock-out competition games - from the first round only. Further, only two replacements are permitted for either side; moreover, a player may be replaced only when, in the opinion of a medical practitioner, he is so injured that he should not continue playing in the match. It may sound a little autocratic, but it ensures there is none of this soccer nonsense whereby a manager can send on a substitute at any time because he doesn't like the way a player is performing."

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