No Match v. Swansea in 1891

By John Cowen

Extract from The Citizen,  Tues 7 Apr, 1891.

A correspondent, who signs himself "Sport," communicates to us the fact that he has heard from friends in Swansea that the football club of the latter town invited Gloucester to play another match this season, which "our men" would not accept, expresses surprise at this, and asks why a match cannot be arranged.

We may inform him that Swansea offered the Gloucester Club £50 to play on the former's ground; that the Gloucester executive, knowing that the team must be in some measure unrepresentative if the match took place on Welsh soil, and that it would be courting defeat to accept the invitation, declined the offer; and that in order to give Swansea the opportunity to play again if they wished the Gloucester Club expressed their willingness to play on the Spa, Swansea to take half the gate, which, taking that at the last meeting of the clubs as a criterion, would be no insignificant sum. Swansea refused to play away from home, and Gloucester adhering to their decision, "Sport" will understand why a match cannot be arranged.

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