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Welcome! If this is your first visit, you’ll probably just want to know how to navigate around the site, and we hope that the following notes will help you to dig down to find what you’re looking for – and how to find your way back out again.

But if you plan to return again and again, looking for new stuff (which we’re adding all the time), can we draw your attention to:

Publications/Latest Comments/Latest Pages/ Latest Updates 

At the bottom of the Home Page are four tabs which, as well as providing information on our various publications, also provide a handy way of checking to see what’s new on the website since you last took a look.


The clickable black menu bar leads you to the heart of the website, where our topics are organised under the headings Home/People/Places/Statistics/ Programmes/ Documents/Recordings/Match Reports/Players’ Assoc. And there’s also a handy Search Box.

Below this you’ll see a set of 9 large images also representing these topics, and which are also clickable. These images will change from time to time, especially the middle one.

Once you’ve left our Home Page a “You are Here” breadcrumb trail will appear just beneath the black menu bar, and this is useful if you want to go back a step, or back to where you started.

As you explore deeper into the website a scrolling menu will often appear on the right-hand side of your screen, and this is a further useful aid to navigation.


Within many topics you’ll find files marked “Downloads”, and if you click on these the contents will appear on your screen as PDF files. To read them you might need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer: most people have it already but, if you haven’t, then click here for a free download from Adobe.


Within a topic you may also find links which will take you directly to other parts of the website, or occasionally to other websites.

Adding your Comments

At the bottom of each page of information there’s an invitation to “Add a comment about this page”, and this is where you have your chance to send in further information about the topic. It’s simple to do, and we really want to receive your comments. Just click on the link, and a new page will be displayed for you to complete. Your comment will go straight to our editor, who will check it before adding it to the relevant page. In this way we gradually expand and refine our shared knowledge.

Contributing an article, photo, Word/PDF file or a video link (e.g., to YouTube or Vimeo).

We also invite you to actively contribute to the website. Click on “Contribute” and a simple form will appear for you to use.

Terms of Use/Privacy/Accessibility/Admin Login

And finally, right at the bottom of the Home Page are some important statements on our Terms of Use, a Privacy Statement and Accessibility options.

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