Club Rules, 1930



1. The Club shall be called the “GLOUCESTER FOOTBALL CLUB.”

2. The Playing Rules of the Club shall be those of the Rugby Football Union.

3. The colours shall be red and white.

4. The business of the Club shall be transacted by a Committee, consisting of the President, Vice-Presidents, Captain, Vice-Captain, General Secretary, Captain of the “A” Team, and eleven other effective Members of the Club, seven to form a quorum.

5. The Salary of the Secretary shall be left in the hands of the Committee.

6. The Annual Subscription shall be as follows: Patrons, £2 2s 0d. Members entitled to admission to all parts of the Ground, including Enclosures and Stands, £1. Old Playing Members, 8/6. Members entitled to admission to all parts of the Ground, except the Enclosure and Stands, 8/6. Old Playing Members, 5/-. Playing Members, 1/-. Juveniles up to 15 years of age to admit to all parts of the Ground except the Enclosure and Stands, 5/-, but power is reserved to the Committee to reject any application for Membership if they should think it advisable to do so.

7. The property of the Club shall be vested in at least two but not more than four Trustees, who shall be appointed by the General Committee of the Club. The General Committee shall have power to remove any of the Trustees and all vacancies occurring by removal, resignation or death shall be filled up at the same or the next General Committee meeting. The Trustees shall have power to invest money and adopt such measures as may appear to them necessary in the interest of the Club, subject to the approval of the General Committee.

8. No Member shall have power to vote at or attend any meeting until his subscription for the current season shall have been paid.

9. A General Meeting of the Club, to be called the Annual General Meeting, shall be held every year at the end of the Season, to receive from the General Secretary a Statement of Accounts, and elect the Officers and Committee for the following season, and at such meeting all Members shall be entitled to vote.

10. The Officers and Committee shall be elected by ballot, and nominations for the same (except the Vice-Captains), must be made to the Secretary, in writing, together with the names of the proposer and seconder, at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

11. The General Committee shall have power to appoint from its number Sub-Committees, for such purposes and with such powers as it may think desirable.

12. The General Committee shall, subject to the terms of their Agreement with the Gloucester Football and Athletic Ground Co. Ltd., have full power to let the ground for such purposes and upon such terms as the may think fit, upon which occasions Members and Ticket holders shall not be entitled to admittance without payment.

13. The General Committee shall have power to elect as Hon. Life Members any Members who, in their opinion, shall have merited this distinction, either by length of service in Office, or on Committee, or for any other cause; such election, however, shall only be made by the unanimous vote of the whole Committee.

14. The Committee shall have full power to fill any vacancies which may, from any cause, occur in the Officers or Committees during the season.

15. The Committee shall have full power to expel from the Club any Member who, in their opinion, has wilfully broken the Rules of the Club, or has been guilty of ungentlemanly or unseemly conduct.

16. The Secretary shall, upon the written requisition of not less than 50 of the Members, call a Special General Meeting of the Club, such Meeting to be convened by a notice to be advertised in a local paper 8 days, at least, before the day of Meeting. The requisition above referred to shall specify the business to be laid before the Meeting.

17. None of the foregoing Rules shall be rescinded or altered except at the Annual General Meeting, and written notice of any amendment or alteration, together with the names of the proposer and seconder thereof, shall be given to the Secretary7 days, at least, before such General Meeting.


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