GRFC Agreement with Local Clubs, 1932



1. The Committee of the Gloucester Football Club shall be entitled to the services of all or any player(s) of Local Clubs affiliated to the North Gloucester Combination, and subscribing to these Rules and Regulations.

2. In consideration of which undertaking, the Gloucester Football Club shall grant to such Local Clubs:

a. A subsidy of £5 each season, but the City Club must be supplied with a Balance Sheet so that they may assure themselves that the money is being spent in a proper manner.

b. A capitation fee of 1/- for every player not being a regular member of the Gloucester Club (upon which point the opinion of the Committee of the Gloucester Club shall be absolutely final) who shall be called upon to play and shall play for the Gloucester Club.

3. A player shall be recognised as a regular playing member when he has appeared for the City Club on 8 occasions in two successive seasons, irrespective of the membership of any Club to which he may have belonged.

4. In the event of the Gloucester Club requisitioning the services of players of any local club so late in the week as Saturday morning, the Gloucester Club will be prepared to pay the return railway fare and tea of any substitutes whom the Local Club have to get to play for them in place of the payers so requisitioned.

5. Should it become necessary for the Gloucester Club at any time to suspend a player, such player shall not be eligible to play for any subsidized Local Club during the period of such suspension.

6. If any subsidized Club shall commit a breach of these Rules, the Committee of the Gloucester Club shall have power to modify or withdraw the subsidy and capitation fees for the season, to which it would otherwise have been entitled.

7. Any question arising upon these Rules shall be decided by the Committee of the Gloucester Club, whose decision shall be final. In case of any dispute between any Local Club subsidized as to which Club any player requisitioned by the Gloucester Club may belong, in default of agreement between such Clubs, the decision of the Gloucester Club Committee shall be final.

(Please sign below, tear off, and return to Secretary of Gloucester Club.

The Rules and Regulations as submitted …………………………1932, relating to local affiliated players and the Gloucester Football Club are agreed to by…………………….Club.

Date……………    Signed ……………………………….. Secretary.

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