The Banquet - list of invited guests

The following is a list of the guests invited to the banquet:-

The two teams and reserves, and referee.

Gloucester Club Officials: Dr. Arnold Alcock (President), Sir James Bruton (ex-President),  Messrs. Arthur F. Fielding and J. T. Brookes (Vice-Presidents), A. Hudson (Secretary).

The Committee: Messrs. F. A. Abbey, H. J. Balchin, A. Brown, G. F. Clutterbuck, G. J. Collingbourne, A. Cromwell, G. R. Fox, N. L. Hayes, F. Pegler, S. Smart, J. H. Webb, and   S. Bayliss.

Gloucester A Team: Messrs. A. Rea (captain), F. Mansell, and F. Bloxsome (ex-captains).

Live members: Messrs. H. E. Taylor, G. Coates, R. C. Jenkins, Bert Parham, W. Dix, A. F. Hughes, J. Stephens, and A. H. Click.

Ex-Captains: Messrs. T. Graves Smith, T. Bagwell, A. C. Williams, W. H. Taylor, G. Romans, D. R. Gent, W. A. Johns, Gordon Vears, G. Holford, and F. Webb.

Ex-Officials: Messrs. W. H. Bennett, F. W. Lovesy, S. W. Bingle, W. H. Worth, H. G. Brown, and Nigel D. Haines.

International Players: Messrs. F. M. Stout, C. Hall, and C. Smith.

Original Members: Messrs. E. T. Gardom, P. Barrett Cooke, J. W. Baylay, and A. C. Seymour.

Football Ground Co., Ltd.: Messrs. W. G. Ayliffe, Harry Berry, Walter Warner, H. A. Dancey (Directors), S. S. Starr (Sec.), and W. H. Madge (Solicitor).

Gloucester Rugby Supporters’ Club: Messrs. C. A. F. Ridsdale (Chairman), F. J. Pitt (Hon. Sec.), and A. H. Margrett (Hon. Treasurer).

Gloucestershire Referees’ Society (North): Mr. E. Browning (Hon. Sec.).   Gloucester Schools’ Rugby Union: Mr. Eric Keys (Hon. Sec.).

North Gloucester Rugby Combination: Mr. W. A. Thomas (Chairman).

County Rugby Union: Messrs. A. J. Gardner (President), J. D. Meredith (Vice-President), R. A. Roberts (Hon. Sec.), J. H. Tratt (Hon. Treasurer).

Rugby Union: Capt. W. S. Donne (President), Messrs. John Daniell (Selection Committee),  Walter A. Pearce and J. B. Minahan (Executive Committee).

Club Representatives: Bristol, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cinderford, Lydney, Clifton, Cardiff, Newport, Moseley, and Bath.

City Member: Col. J. N. Horlick, M.P.

The Mayor: Mr. C. E. Gardner.

President Chamber of Trade: Mr. G. F. Baker.

Deputy Chief Constable: Mr. A. W. Hopkins.

Press Representatives: Messrs. H. G. Norman and J. O. Roberts

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