WB's 1948 List

WB’s List of Gloucester Rugby Families (Citizen 21 Feb 1948)


JF & W Brown

WA & HJ Boughton

Frank & Ernest Tandy

Jack & Charles Williams

Tom & Albert Collins, and later Bill & Harry (& Tom’s son, William)

CE & HG Brown

Walter & Hubert George

Walter & J Gough

Arthur & Jim Stephens

AC & ET James

Car & A Cummings

Jack & Frank Watts

CJ & AH Click

Percy & Frank Stout

W & A Pitt

Bert & W Parham

The 7 Halls (Charles, Albert, George, Ernest, Willie, Jim, Harry)

The 6 Cooks (Jim, David, Harry, Charles, Albert, George)

Bill & Tom Spiers

Whacker & Hubert Smith

Lindsay & Gordon Vears

Lionel & J Hamblin

Stan & E Bayliss

Graham & Derek Parker

Bob & Bill Hook

Fathers & Sons:







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  • Johnnie and Jack Lowe (Father and son) both played for Gloucester – Johnnie in the 20/30’s and Jack late 50’s early 60’s

    By Adey Lowe (17/12/2012)
  • Reference to fathers and sons; am I right in thinking that there were the Meadows, father Don and son Pete; also the two Smiths, Dick and Ian.

    By Les Remblance (12/07/2012)
  • Brothers John & Stuart Dix played on respective wings for Gloucester.

    By john dix (01/05/2012)
  • Grandfather W Dix & father J W Dix both played for Gloucester;

    By john dix (01/05/2012)

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