Day 32 - Friday 8 June - The final push - Seed sowing

After several days spent adding more sand and raking it into the carpet eventually the time comes to sow the seed.   Initially the pitch is dressed with fertilizer.   Then the seed sowing machine is brought into action.

Ideally the installation team prefer very dry sand.   However, with rain having fallen in the not too distant past the sand is quite moist.  This means that the sand particles tend to clump together.    So, the surface is lightly raked to disturb the surface and break up the clumps before the seed is sown.

The sand is what’s known as 90:10 meaning that it’s made up of 90% pure sand and 10% soil-type particles.  It provides an excellent base for the grass roots to develop.    It’s not dissimilar to the type of sand used in children’s play pits.

In all a total of 45 bags of seed were sown.   This is considerably more than has been used in the past when the pitch has been resewn during the summer break.

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