Watkins, John

Interviewed by Malc King and John Theyers on 22 September 2010

John Watkins

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  • Gloucester Legend , enough said

    By Kevin reynolds (30/01/2024)
  • Played with John at the end of his career at Bream in the Forest of Dean. He was our coach and was a huge influence. Very supportive, very constructive and as you can imagine we all hung on his every word. Opposition knew this and often targeted him trying to kick seven bells of s@?t out of the guy. Didn’t seem to matter to him. Hard as nails. Great bloke.

    By Stuart Green (13/04/2020)
  • A really interesting interview. Watkins comes across as a lovely man – modest, sensitive and gently humourous. I loved the quote towards the end about modern professionals: ‘They can have their money, I’m happy with my memories’ (apologies if I’ve misquoted that slightly).

    By Brian Carpenter (24/10/2010)

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