Secondary Sport

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Lesson 1.1 The marketing activities at Gloucester Rugby Club – Lesson Plan
Lesson 1.1a Market Research – PowerPoint presentation
Lesson 1.1b 1939 programme
Lesson 1.1c 1953 programme
Lesson 1.1d 1963 programme
Lesson 1.1e 1990 programme
Lesson 1.1f Conferencing at Gloucester Rugby
Lesson 1.1g Hospitality package 2009
Lesson 1.1h Marketing fixture list 1997
Lesson 1.1i Marketing leaflet 1997
Lesson 1.1j 1920/21 season costing
Lesson 1.1k 1945/46 season costing
Lesson 1.1l 1895 advertising invoice

Lesson 1.2 Designing rugby training programmes – Lesson Plan
Lesson 1.2a Timeline history of coaching development
Lesson 1.2b 1998 programme - A word on conditioning
Lesson 1.2c The principles of training

Lesson 1.3 Carrying out risk assessments – Lesson Plan
Lesson 1.3a Risk assessment activity
Lesson 1.3b Rugby Ground – video clip on YouTube
Lesson 1.3c Action – video clip on YouTube
Lesson 1.3d Kingsholm Stadium Plan

Lesson 1.4 Injuries in rugby – Lesson Plan
Lesson 1.4a Injuries – PowerPoint presentation
Lesson 1.4b Heritage programme with physio and example injury extract

Lesson 1.5 Planning and Performing Warm-ups and Cool-downs – Lesson Plan
Lesson 1.5a The Warm-up – PowerPoint presentation
Lesson 1.5b Heritage player images

Lesson 1.6 The sports development continuum – Lesson Plan
Lesson 1.6a Season ticket, 1912
Lesson 1.6b Season ticket, 2000
Lesson 1.6c Academy structure website extract
Lesson 1.6d Rugby camp website extract
Lesson 1.6e The sports development continuum

Lesson 1.7 Law and legislation in sport – Lesson Plan
Lesson 1.7a Law and Legislation – PowerPoint presentation
Lesson 1.7b 1994 programme – fire safety notice
Lesson 1.7c Kingsholm fire – news report & pictures

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