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  • Many thanks for the confirmation about the initials standing for Royal Artillery Ordnance Depot. I think I can identify at least one other person in the photo, from a photo of the Tredworth RFC, 1920-21 in which my grandfather is again shown, with an ‘A. Jones’ in the front row. It would be really interesting if there are any records of the names of the players of the R.A.O.D. team. Many thanks.
    By Dave Miller
    On 09/10/2013

    Dave – our residents stats man has come up with the answer: “R.A.O.D stood for Royal Artillery Ordnance Depot. There were a number of these depots around the country (especially during WW1) and one was at Didcot. I assume the team that played Gloucester Seconds came from there. The seconds played them twice in season 1919-20. They lost to them away (10-14) but won at Kingsholm (24-0).” Hope this helps!
    By Dick Williams
    On 08/10/2013

    In the 1919-20 season match record there is a reference to Gloucester ‘A’ team playing a team called R.A.O.D. on the 22nd November. They appear to have beat Gloucester 14 -10. Since my grandfather, Thomas Miller, played for the R.A.O.D. I would be very grateful to discover exactly what these letters mean! I have a photograph of Thomas with the rest of the team, that was printed in the Citizen a few years ago, but the question being asked then was what R.A.O.D. stood for. Many Thanks Dave Miller Gloucester
    By Dave Miller
    On 07/10/2013

    By Dick Williams (04/04/2018)

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