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  • The match that I think you are both thinking of took place on 19 November 1994. Canterbury won 70 -7, scoring 12 tries. I wasn’t able to attend and was spared the job of reporting on the match to my Kiwi cousin in Christchurch! I was at Kingsholm six days later though, when Gloucester bounced back, beating Bridgend 45-0.
    Peter Arnold wrote in the programme for the Bridgend game: It would be churlish , dog-in-the-manger, redolent of sour grapes, and generally improper of me not to make reference to that quite horrible thrashing a half-strength Gloucester took at the hands of the superb Canterbury side last Saturday. In my view, it was, quite simply, a privilege to watch them.
    By John Theyers
    On 10/12/2009

    Hi John I don’t know if this is the game you are thinking of, but there was definitely a game in the earlyish 90’s when Canterbury (NZ) put 70 or 80 on us…..I remember a pretty rapid Fijian winger scoring about 4 tries, and a kiwi dressed up as a sheep wandering around Kingsholm.
    By Dave Rogers
    On 10/12/2009

    I remember watching a game at Kingsholm back in the 80s. I`m sure it was a French team. Gloucester lost by about 80 or 90 points….Nobody I know remembers this game.Was I dreaming…???? Can anyone remember such a match?
    By John Fowler
    On 01/12/2009

    By Dick Williams (04/04/2018)

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