1971 - 72

Match Programmes


Gloucester v. Clifton
Gloucester v. Clifton (734k)
4 Sep 1971

Newbridge v. Gloucester
Newbridge v. Gloucester (437k)
8 Sep 1971

Gloucester v. Coventry
Gloucester v. Coventry (778k)
11 Sep 1971

Moseley v. Gloucester
Moseley v. Gloucester (693k)
15 Sep 1971

Broughton Park v. Gloucester
Broughton Park v. Gloucester (420k)
18 Sep 1971

Gloucester v. Bristol
Gloucester v. Bristol (790k)
25 Sep 1971

Bath v. Gloucester
Bath v. Gloucester (528k)
30 Sep 1971

Bedford v. Gloucester
Bedford v. Gloucester (539k)
2 Oct 1971

Gloucester v. Ebbw Vale
Gloucester v. Ebbw Vale (773k)
6 Oct 1971

Gloucester v. Harlequins
Gloucester v. Harlequins (757k)
9 Oct 1971

Cheltenham v. Gloucester
Cheltenham v. Gloucester (388k)
13 Oct 1971

Gloucester v. Newport
Gloucester v. Newport (744k)
16 Oct 1971

Gloucester v. Oxford University
Gloucester v. Oxford University (759k)
30 Oct 1971

Pontypool v. Gloucester
Pontypool v. Gloucester (415k)
3 Nov 1971

Leicester v. Gloucester
Leicester v. Gloucester (518k)
6 Nov 1971

Gloucester v. Moseley
Gloucester v. Moseley (750k)
13 Nov 1971

Cambridge University v. Gloucester
Cambridge University v. Gloucester (190k)
17 Nov 1971

Aberovon v. Gloucester
Aberovon v. Gloucester (467k)
20 Nov 1971

Gloucester v. Lydney
Gloucester v. Lydney (770k)
27 Nov 1971

Saracens v. Gloucester
Saracens v. Gloucester (508k)
4 Dec 1971

Bristol v. Gloucester
Bristol v. Gloucester (637k)
8 Dec 1971

Gloucester v. Bath
Gloucester v. Bath (781k)
11 Dec 1971

Coventry v. Gloucester
Coventry v. Gloucester (943k)
18 Dec 1971

Gloucester v. Old Merchant Taylors
Gloucester v. Old Merchant Taylors (755k)
27 Dec 1971

London Scottish v.Gloucester
London Scottish v.Gloucester (559k)
1 Jan 1972

Gloucester v. Wasps
Gloucester v. Wasps (727k)
14 Jan 1972

Gloucester v. Newbridge
Gloucester v. Newbridge (731k)
22 Jan 1972

Bridgend v. Gloucester
Bridgend v. Gloucester (593k)
29 Jan 1972

Gloucester v. St. Luke's College
Gloucester v. St. Luke's College (781k)
2 Feb 1972

Bristol v. Gloucester
Bristol v. Gloucester (466k)
4 Feb 1972

Bath v. Gloucester
Bath v. Gloucester (366k)
12 Feb 1972

Gloucester v. Swansea
Gloucester v. Swansea (777k)
19 Feb 1972

Gloucester v. Aberavon
Gloucester v. Aberavon (793k)
26 Feb 1972

London Welsh v. Gloucester
London Welsh v. Gloucester (1002k)
4 Mar 1972

Gloucester v. Richmond
Gloucester v. Richmond (776k)
11 Mar 1972

Gloucester v. Cheltenham
Gloucester v. Cheltenham (797k)
15 Mar 1972

Coventry v. Gloucester
Coventry v. Gloucester (1093k)
25 Mar 1972

Newport v. Gloucester
Newport v. Gloucester (566k)
27 Mar 1972

Lydney v. Gloucester
Lydney v. Gloucester (411k)
30 Mar 1972

Gloucester v. Headingley
Gloucester v. Headingley (785k)
1 Apr 1972

Gloucester v. Birkenhead Park
Gloucester v. Birkenhead Park (765k)
3 Apr 1972

Gloucester v. Stroud
Gloucester v. Stroud (756k)
4 Apr 1972

Ebbw Vale v. Gloucester
Ebbw Vale v. Gloucester (485k)
11 Apr 1972

Sale v. Gloucester
Sale v. Gloucester (485k)
15 Apr 1972

Gloucester v. Pontypool
Gloucester v. Pontypool (760k)
17 Apr 1972

Northampton v. Gloucester
Northampton v. Gloucester (462k)
19 Apr 1972 (date on programme is wrong)

Pirates v. Gloucester
Pirates v. Gloucester (501k)
22 Apr 1972

Gloucester v. Moseley
Gloucester v. Moseley (1291k)
29 Apr 1972

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I was very interested to see the London Welsh programme. I went to this game, and their side looked terrifyingly good, full of internationals and Lions. Gloucester's performance that day was magnificent even if it didn't go down too well with some on account of our dogged play. They definitely had the talent but we had the character that day.

By Ronald Fox
On 08/01/2010

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