1975 - 76

Match Programmes

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Weston-super-Mare v. Gloucester
Weston-super-Mare v. Gloucester (581k)
3 Sep 1975

Gloucester v. South Wales Police
Gloucester v. South Wales Police (882k)
10 Sep 1975

Gloucester v. Coventry
Gloucester v. Coventry (829k)
13 Sep 1975

Gloucester v. Begles
Gloucester v. Begles (878k)
18 Sep 1975

Stroud v. Gloucester
Stroud v. Gloucester (489k)
24 Sep 1975

Bristol v. Gloucester
Bristol v. Gloucester (597k)
27 Sep 1975

Gloucester v. Moseley
Gloucester v. Moseley (921k)
1 Oct 1975

Bedford v. Gloucester
Bedford v. Gloucester (456k)
4 Oct 1975

Gloucester v. British Police
Gloucester v. British Police (870k)
8 Oct 1975

Gloucester v. Cheltenham
Gloucester v. Cheltenham (865k)
15 Oct 1975

Harlequins v. Gloucester
Harlequins v. Gloucester (501k)
11 Oct 1975

Gloucester v. Newport
Gloucester v. Newport (853k)
18 Oct 1975

Gloucester v. Clifton
Gloucester v. Clifton (829k)
25 Oct 1975

Gloucester v. Pontypool
Gloucester v. Pontypool (820k)
29 Oct 1975

Leicester v. Gloucester
Leicester v. Gloucester (476k)
1 Nov 1975

Gloucester v. Exeter
Gloucester v. Exeter (837k)
8 Nov 1975

Cambridge University v. Gloucester
Cambridge University v. Gloucester (464k)
12 Nov 1975

Plymouth Albion v. Gloucester
Plymouth Albion v. Gloucester (224k)
15 Nov 1975

Gloucester v. London Irish
Gloucester v. London Irish (895k)
22 Nov 1975

Gloucester v. Loughborough Colleges
Gloucester v. Loughborough Colleges (845k)
27 Nov 1975

Gloucester v. Oxford University
Gloucester v. Oxford University (908k)
29 Nov 1975

Moseley v. Gloucester
Moseley v. Gloucester (604k)
6 Dec 1975

Bath v. Gloucester
Bath v. Gloucester (545k)
13 Dec 1975

Coventry v. Gloucester
Coventry v. Gloucester (729k)
20 Dec 1975

Gloucester v. Lydney
Gloucester v. Lydney (835k)
26 Dec 1975

Gloucester v. Nottingham
Gloucester v. Nottingham (900k)
1 Jan 1976

Gloucester v. Leicester
Gloucester v. Leicester (820k)
10 Jan 1976

Gloucester v. Wasps
Gloucester v. Wasps (909k)
16 Jan 1976

Gloucester v. Bristol
Gloucester v. Bristol (946k)
21 Jan 1976

Gloucester v. Army
Gloucester v. Army (934k)
24 Jan 1976

Gloucester v. St. Luke's
Gloucester v. St. Luke's (947k)
28 Jan 1976

Gloucester v. Exeter
Gloucester v. Exeter (897k)
7 Feb 1976

Sale v. Gloucester
Sale v. Gloucester (495k)
14 Feb 1976

Gloucester v. Bath
Gloucester v. Bath (922k)
17 Feb 1976

Gloucester v. Swansea
Gloucester v. Swansea (872k)
20 Feb 1976

Northampton v. Gloucester
Northampton v. Gloucester (568k)
6 Mar 1976

Cheltenham v. Gloucester
Cheltenham v. Gloucester (382k)
10 Mar 1976

Gloucester v. Richmond
Gloucester v. Richmond (996k)
13 Mar 1976

Cardiff v. Gloucester
Cardiff v. Gloucester (812k)
31 Mar 1976

Newport v. Gloucester
Newport v. Gloucester (677k)
7 Apr 1976

Gloucester v. Ebbw Vale
Gloucester v. Ebbw Vale (908k)
10 Apr 1976

Gloucester v. Headingley
Gloucester v. Headingley (881k)
17 Apr 1976

Gloucester v. Birkenhead Park
Gloucester v. Birkenhead Park (927k)
19 Apr 1976

Brixham v. Gloucester
Brixham v. Gloucester (342k)
24 Apr 1976

Toronto v. Gloucester
Toronto v. Gloucester (469k)
14 May 1976

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Comments about this page

Hello John Many thanks for your response. Yes, I was aware of the Sunday Telegraph tables. There were five eventually - English-Welsh, English, Welsh, Northern and South-West. As you say, only matches between participating clubs were counted. The Welsh table differed from the Western Mail Welsh Club Championship, which included all matches of a sufficient standard. The South-West table did not include the 'Big Three' - Bath, Bristol and Gloucester, nor some others - Lydney and Stroud, for example. I was referring to a different table, which may or may not have started. I have done some 'digging' and found some information from the Times archive during the mid 1970s. If you would like me to send scans, please let me know. If you are happy for me to reply by email, please let me know your address. Regards Lee

By Lee Hurst
On 21/01/2010

Hello Lee - Dick has passed on your comment on Merit Tables to me. Bear in mind, though, that this is purely from memory! The Sunday Telegraph ran an Anglo Welsh Merit Table in the 60s, 70s and early 80s. It was ranked on a percentage basis including only matches between participating clubs. It only involved those clubs with a strong English/Welsh fixture list. I think the English clubs were Bath, Blackheath, Bristol, Coventry, Gloucester, Harlequins, Leicester, London Welsh, Moseley, Northampton and Richmond and possibly Rosslyn Park and London Scottish. The Welsh clubs included Cardiff, Swansea, Llanelli, Newport, Bridgend, Pontypool, Pontypridd, Aberavon and Neath. There was also an English Table which included those English clubs and also Cheltenham, Nottingham, London Irish, Saracens and Wasps whose fixture lists were more limited. Later there was a third table for Northern clubs which included Gosforth (now Newcastle), Headingley (now Leeds), Sale, Waterloo, Liverpool etc.

By John Theyers
On 20/01/2010

Hello Dick - I am pleased to have found this fantastic resource. My particular interest is club fixtures during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, prior to the league set-up. I am currently looking at the 1975-76 season. The Gloucester fixtures are listed in the Gloucester v Lydney programme. I was wondering if you are able to pdf scan the Bristol fixtures from the Bristol v Gloucester programme? In fact, any clubs' fixtures from the 1975-76 season would be appreciated. Finally, whilst 'Googling', I came across an article which stated that Gloucester were in an Anglo-Welsh merit table during the mid 1970s. Do you or any of your colleagues have any information regarding this merit table? Here is the link for the article - http://www.sportcentric.com/vsite/vfile/page/fileurl/0,11040,4796-124720-126027-16912-0-file,00.pdf Thank you for your time. Regards Lee Hurst

By Lee Hurst
On 20/01/2010