1963 - 64

Match Programmes


Neath v. Gloucester
Neath v. Gloucester (363k)
7 Sep 1963

Stroud v. Gloucester
Stroud v. Gloucester (614k)
12 Sep 1963

Gloucester v. Lydney
Gloucester v. Lydney (625k)
14 Sep 1963

Cheltenham v. Gloucester
Cheltenham v. Gloucester (249k)
18 Sep 1963

Gloucester v. Bristol
Gloucester v. Bristol (773k)
28 Sep 1963

Bedford v. Gloucester
Bedford v. Gloucester (286k)
3 Oct 1963

Gloucester v. Newport
Gloucester v. Newport (669k)
19 Oct 1963

Gloucester v. Aberavon
Gloucester v. Aberavon (678k)
16 Nov 1963

Gloucester v. Old Blues
Gloucester v. Old Blues (514k)
23 Nov 1963

Gloucester v. Oxford University
Gloucester v. Oxford University (738k)
30 Nov 1963

Gloucester v. Old Merchant Taylors
Gloucester v. Old Merchant Taylors (712k)
26 Dec 1963

Gloucester v. Pontypool
Gloucester v. Pontypool (658k)
27 Dec 1963

London Scottish v. Gloucester
London Scottish v. Gloucester (625k)
4 Jan 1964

Gloucester v. Leicester
Gloucester v. Leicester (713k)
11 Jan 1964

Gloucester v. Army
Gloucester v. Army (679k)
25 Jan 1964

Gloucester v. Swansea
Gloucester v. Swansea (682k)
15 Feb 1964

Gloucester v. Neath
Gloucester v. Neath (690k)
22 Feb 1964

Gloucester v. Exeter
Gloucester v. Exeter (695k)
29 Feb 1964

Lydney v. Gloucester
Lydney v. Gloucester (275k)
26 Mar 1964

Gloucester v. Headingley
Gloucester v. Headingley (698k)
28 Mar 1964

Gloucester v. Birkenhead Park
Gloucester v. Birkenhead Park (644k)
30 Mar 1964

Gloucester v. Cheltenham
Gloucester v. Cheltenham (696k)
9 Apr 1964

Cardiff v. Gloucester
Cardiff v. Gloucester (608k)
11 Apr 1964

Gloucester v. Bath
Gloucester v. Bath (714k)
22 Apr 1964

Gloucester v. Stroud
Gloucester v. Stroud (648k)
30 Apr 1964

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Lydney v Glaws 26th March. My dad took me to see this game as a treat for my eighth birthday - which as next month approaches means I have been a supporter for 50 years (surely not!!!) . For several years I managed to get away without using my pocket money by entering the ground under a wire fence at the back of the Tump, getting in free when they opened the gates at half time etc. As a teenager I thought it best to pay back some of this free viewing time by volunteering to put out the folding seats around the edge of the pitch on big match days (no health and safety in those days!!!). This was organised by Jim Hickey our careers master at school who some will remember as the Tannoy man back in the day, will never forget his regular announcement of "THERE ARE NO CHANGES IN EITHER SIDE BOTH SIDES PLAY AS PROGRAMMED". that always raised a smile in the Shed!!!. I continued to keep a close rein on the pocket money by selling programmes at the old players' entrance by the Shed and finally progressing to working the score board on the Tump, I say working it was hooking some tin numbers on a board. This job was done at the time with my mate Richard Watts whose dad ran the Queens Head opposite the ground. If you're still around Richard get in touch its been 40 years!!! Remember the day I put up the wrong score up at a western counties game and it was televised on Rugby Special.

By Brian Matthews
On 11/03/2014

The Lydney game at Regentsholme on 26th March was the first match I ever saw the Glaws play. Dad took me as a birthday treat - the reality has sunk in that on that date this year it will mean I have been a supporter for 50 years !!! Can anyone remember the talents of Terry Hopson a player Dad (sadly no longer with us) always called his favourite player - wasn't he Welsh though !!!!

By Brian Matthews
On 11/03/2014