5,000th match - Former Players Walk - who's who

Former Players at the club's 5,000th competitive match.
(c) Martin Bennett

Click on the magnifier to obtain a larger image to more easily identify the players.   Then point to a particular person on the image to obtain an even larger image.    Have fun!

With the help of John Simonett and Ron Etheridge we’ve been able to list everyone in the picture.

L –R: :
Dick Smith,   John Watkins,   John Milner,   Phil Vickery,  Bob Timms,   Jim Jarrett,
Alan Brookes,   Derrick Morgan,   Malcolm Preedy,   Dave Spencer,
Matt Bayliss (partially hidden),   John Horner,   Richard Moody, Ron Gwillim,
Charlie Wheatman,   John Powell,   John Simonett,   Fred Reed,   Ron Etheridge,
Russ Ellis, Ken Daniell,   Derek East,   Mickey Booth (front),   Mike Potter (top of head at back),   Godfrey Farr,    Clive Walford,   David Crabbe, Bob Clewes (at back – partially hidden),   Wilf Nichols,   Brian Vine,    Mike Curran,   Steve Mills,
Jerry Herniman,   Richard Mogg,   Paul Tunstall,   Mark Cornwell,   Pete Glanville,
Andy Deacon,   Colin Gibson,   Steve Boyle (side on),   James Forrester,  Olivier Azam

The following former players were also on the walk around the pitch but are not shown in the photo:   Peter Ford,   Eric Stephens,   Steve Ojomoh,   Dave Fell,   John Hawker, Glynn Mann,   Keith Jones,   Nigel Scrivens.

However, you may be able to identify them in the YouTube video of the walk.

For those of you who are not familiar with these players from the past Club President Fred Reed provided, below, a potted history of those who planned to take part.   Unfortunately not all were able to be there on the day but some welcome unexpected former players were able to be there.   See Fred’s potted histories below:

Fred Reed   ​​Club President (hooker)
Bob Clewes​​   Capt / Gloucester & 500 + games (winger)
Ron Etheridge​​    (fullback)
Mike Potter    ​​(No 8)
Keith Nicholls    ​​(hooker)
David Crabb    ​​(centre)
Brian Vine ​​   (centre)
Derrick Morgan​    (winger)
Malcom Preedy ​   England Int: (Prop)
Richard Mogg​​   500 + games (winger)
Mike Curran​​   Chairman GRPA (prop)
Steve Mills​​   Capt/Gloucester & England Int: (hooker)
Peter Butler   ​​England Int: (fullback)
Dick Smith​​   Capt/Gloucester & 500 + games (wing-forward)
Peter Glanville​   Capt/Gloucester (wing-forward)
Eric Stephens   ​​(fullback)
Bob Timms   ​​(winger)
Ken Daniell​​   Our oldest player here today aged 93
Matt Bayliss  ​​(No 8)
Derrick East​​   (hooker)
Ron Gwillim​   (winger)
John Milner  ​​(prop)
John Powell   ​​(prop)
John Horner​​   (winger)
John Watkins​   Capt/Gloucester & England Int: (wing-forward)
Jerry Herniman​   (second-row)
Russ Ellis   ​​(fullback)
John Hawker   ​​(hooker)
John Simonett​   (No 8)
Colin Gibson​​   (No 8)
•Peter Ford​​   Capt/Gloucester – England Int: & 500+ games (wing-forward)
Micky Booth   ​​(scrumhalf)
Phil Vickery​​   Capt/Gloucester- England Int: (prop)
Mark Cornwall​   (second-row)
Steve Boyle​​   (second-row)
Steve Ojomoh ​   (wing forward)

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